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10 Most Annoying Gestures Clients Do to Waiters and Waitresses

Snapping their fingers to get their attention, stealing their pens, changing their minds after placing an order… In restaurants, certain customer habits have the knack of annoying waiters and waitresses tremendously! Small overview.

Being a waiter is not an easy job! On the Quora discussion forum, hundreds of restaurant workers shared their worst experiences at work. Here are the Top 10 most annoying customer gestures for a waiter/waitress.

1. Be undecided and ask for extra things after ordering. The most irritating thing is when customers at a table place extra orders, one after the other when I have just dropped off the last meal ordered, Customers take great pleasure in running them from one end of the room to the other during their shift. If you want to make your server’s day easier, try asking for whatever you need

2. Snap fingers to get their attention. The customer is king, it is well known. Only, being king does not mean a lack of kindness … “The snap of fingers is so rude, There are so many other ways to get an employee’s attention: stare at them, give them a nod or a big smile …

3. Stack the plates in place of the waiter: customers who pile up their messy plates at the end of the meal. It starts with a good intention, however, they think they are helping. Only when the pile of dirty dishes is not stable, there is no miracle, it falls …I really appreciate the effort they make, but in the majority of cases, I am forced to reorganize the mountain of plates so that a catastrophe does not occur in front of everyone… ”

4. Let the children run around the restaurant Regarding disasters during the service, it is sometimes young children who are responsible … Some restaurants are suitable for toddlers, there are areas or play areas for children when they can no longer stay in place and do not. Often kids arrive in a restaurant and no longer want to sit down for dinner… But this is far from being the case everywhere. “Children can be very cute, but they didn’t sign up to babysit,” Restaurants are not a game room … “

5. Wanting to choose your place at all costs So many people think they deserve the best table and don’t think about other customers who also want the best table, How do you get everyone to their favorite places? You should know that employees have strategic places when they offer you a table, in general, they are easier to access.

6. Complaining about the wait; There are several scenarios. First, the customers already installed who complain of being hungry … “I am not a cook, it is not me who prepares your dishes, it is not my fault! plenty of waiters and waitresses would tell you if given a chance:) the worst customers are those who are not yet seated: “People who get angry because they have to wait an hour or an hour and a half before a table becomes available… we cannot force people to chew faster…:)

7. Interrupt them while they take control from someone else; Yes, it happens! The most impatient customers dare everything and are sometimes downright shameless… “Wait for your turn! 🙂

8. Steal their pens; There are many requests from customers: “Excuse me, don’t you have a pen please?” “In order not to annoy your server, don’t forget to give it back …

9. Do not put away your cell phone; When you bring the orders and no one takes their phone off the table, it gets complicated putting the dishes down, Imagine this! 🙂 the cell phone comes up in a large number and almost occupy the whole table:)

I can understand that he spends his time on his phone, but when I come to take his order, I cannot stand. not that his eyes are fixed on

10. Leave without leaving a tip; And close this list, when they do not find a few pieces left as tips on the table;) Clients who demand a lot and give nothing in return. They talk to you, take your time and finally leave without leaving anything 🙂

Then they don’t leave any tips… They don’t know how it works or if they’re just super tight? “Anyone who’s worked in the restaurant business will tell you, it’s not always easy to keep up with customer demands when you have to run around when it’s time to shoot …

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