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Building Trust amidst a Pandemic in the Travel Industry

Trust is an integral part of business longevity. Consumers need to have confidence in the businesses and brands they purchase from, and employees need to trust their employers. 

During COVID-19, businesses needed to be transparent about what was happening financially to help employees prepare for an uncertain future. Travel & Tourism businesses helped build and maintain trust with employees and the broader community by proving they could be trusted to provide vital aid to community members in times of need. 

Similarly, governments needed to be honest with citizens and residents about which virus management strategies would be implemented, as well as being open with the global community about infection rates, deaths, and how quickly the virus was spreading. 

Ensuring that a designated government official website is updated regularly. In the past year, media coverage of the pandemic included sensationalist headlines designed to stoke fear and panic in exchange for clicks and views. While dramatic headlines are the norm, and in many cases drive the media cycle, a time of crisis is not the norm. 

The public and private sector and media publications should work more closely with one another to share accurate information and actionable steps. 

Preparing for the Future;

As the sector further builds trust and creates a culture of openness and transparency, the following lessons should be integrated with preparedness planning

  • Foster a culture of transparency to build trust with employees and constituents.
  • The private sector should think imaginatively about trust building and utilise appropriate opportunities to support communities, wherever possible.
  • Share clear, accurate information timeously and consistently.
  • Make the information easy to understand.
  • Use the most effective tools to communicate important information, in real time where possible.
  • Foster good relationships with local government and nurture relationships built on trust.
  • The public & private sectors should enhance their partnerships with media outlets to help share balanced and truthful reporting of the crisis and avoid sensationalism.
  • Governments should continue to build strong relationships of cooperation with neighbouring countries and others in the region

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