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Call to Action; Regulate minimum wages in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The Tourism and Hospitality industry is one of the most devastated sectors by the Covid-19 pandemic with its economic effects going directly to deteriorating the lives of the industry employees and small businesses. 

Whereas the tourism industry accounts for 2.6 percent of direct employment as a percentage of total employment in Africa and one of the primary drivers of economic growth and job creation in emerging economies throughout the world, The efforts to save the sector by developing economies is still insignificant. 

For some reason that am yet to understand, the hospitality industry in Africa to be precise still operate informally and by this, I mean that the majority of employees work with unclear or no work contract or minimal wage; 

For the last eighteen months and counting, plenty of all hospitality establishments embarked on staff layoff as a primary cost control measure to remain afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic; 

The one million dollar question remains, ‘Where did these laid-off staff go and how are they surviving?  Well, As the industry attempts to get back on its feet and moving again with the vaccines being the savior, below are a few lessons learnt and actions required for a sustainable future of the industry. 

Create a safe and reliable working environment for industry employees; In my previous article I emphasized on creating a customer-centric culture in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, However, One of the major and unfortunately the most ignored ways to elevate service delivery in the industry is to assure employees of their employment security and proper working conditions; 

It is on this very point that I want to call upon regulating bodies and governments to consider regulating some urgent formalities in the industry and top on the list is the wages, salaries, and working contracts for employees. This is the only way we shall expect to see our service delivery levels elevated and the benefits shall be mutual.

Relief Fund; Hospitality establishments should normalize and take pride in their team and do not hesitate to help them financially during the pandemic. These relief funds primarily focus on supporting the families of employees by meeting their essential needs in crisis times.

Use this low pandemic period to train and empower employees; Hospitality brands can use this time to educate and train their employees with new skills that will advance their careers that will be useful to both the brands and their individual career growth

For decades, we have been singing this customer service delivery song that unfortunately never changes rhythm and things will actually get worse before they get better if we do not narrow down and tackle the chandelles facing the industry from the roots. As we often say, We should stop expecting to withdraw from where we never deposited. Asking a waiter to smile all day when he/she is worried about her tomorrow is not any different from slavery

This is my call to Tourism and Hospitality regulating bodies to handle this challenge with urgency for the better and sustainable future of the sector

Call to Action; Regulate minimum wages in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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