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How can you increase inquiries as a tour operator as travelers are constantly showing interest in traveling again after a full year of lockdowns?

The COVID-19 pandemic took the industry to a dark place, with almost next to zero customers, staff laid off, or furloughed and unease over when business might return to normal.

For over a year and a half of dipping in and out of lockdown, measures have passed and travelers have grown accustomed to waiting, wondering, and staying put. For many of them, the idea of a holiday now seems like a distant, joyful memory.

A bigger challenger is posed towards the readiness and adaptability of a traditional tour operator and better they can cope up with this fast-changing anticipated future.

I have tried to list below ten possible tips that will help travel managers or tour operators to increase conversations with a client that will eventually result in business.

1. First Impressions Matter 

Your customers interact with you before they arrive on your tour page, whether through an online search or an ad. Text that you already have on your tour page and elsewhere on your website will display in a Google search, so ensuring that this wording is effective is essential. Additionally, consider things like your website icon that are additional outward displays of who you are as a company.

2. Minimize Distractions and lad fast

Once someone has arrived on your tour page, try to avoid distracting them with pop-ups for newsletters, promotions, and other windows. This can easily be tested in your browser’s incognito window, allowing you to experience your page from a new consumer’s perspective. You will also want to test your page’s load speed with Google PageSpeed Insights to ensure that you don’t have too much large content on the page, which slows things down. You can also use PageSpeed to check out your competitors as well.

3. Build confidence with a customer-friendly approach 

When a consumer visits your page for the first time, you have a small amount of time to build their confidence in your brand and your product. Offering options such as “reserve now and pay later” or a free cancelation policy can help to build this trust in a short amount of time.

You can also build confidence by humanizing your brand through messaging. Using a copy that tells the consumer that you are a real person and not a robot is a great way to develop trust in your brand quickly.

4. Clear title and business description description

Using a title that clearly states the product and allows the reader to understand what is being offered quickly is essential to a successful tour listing. There is nothing more frustrating for a consumer than trying to understand what is being sold when it isn’t clearly stated in the title.

5.Indicate clear pricing of your packages

In the same vein as having a clear title, clearly showing the price is paramount. Having to click through multiple pages or read the fine print just to understand the cost of the product is a quick way for someone to bounce off your page.

6.Use good quality photos and visuals

Having high-quality photos of your product will lead to a higher conversion rate. This can be as simple as using a clearer photo of your activity in action, or as advanced as bringing in a professional photographer to take stunning shots. The #1 rule of web design is that people don’t read, so having multiple photos to explain the product is valuable

7. Showcase your tour seasons

To tie in with your stunning visuals, showcasing the different seasons of the year is an engaging way to capture an audience. Use those stunning visuals to tell the story of your year and the most impressing moments captured on your trips

8. Showcase the uniqueness o f your product

Consumers are keen on things that are in demand, so showcasing your product’s scarcity can be an excellent way to encourage people to buy. Avoid removing your sold-out tours from your site as this creates and encourages further demand.

9. Make key calls to action persistent

Repeating yourself isn’t a bad thing! Having your booking button travel down the page with the user is an easy way to maintain the call to action throughout your page’s experience.

10. Use reviews or user generate content

Reviews and testimonials provide social proof of your brand and product. When highlighting reviews, recency is key to conversion. Outdated reviews are viewed as less trustworthy; however, real stories of real people on your tour are super compelling, so be sure to use those reviews to your advantage.

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