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Is there something broken that needs fixing? An old habit holding us hostage? we need to uproot out these as soon as we can and get ready for a clean take-off

Is there something broken that needs fixing?

Take a deep breath, enjoy the moment. Once again travel businesses are hiring, posting sales, and serving customers.

The pandemic is receding in many places, and though it may never truly go away, there is optimism. Now is travel’s renaissance as it awakens to greater energy and bright possibilities – a time to engage with colleagues, customers, and partners with fresh perspectives.

Considering how hard we have worked to get here, it is imperative to get this moment right.

A big step towards improvement is to evaluate our missteps as well as our successes. Is there something broken that needs fixing? An old habit holding us hostage?

Anticipating growth and change is one thing, but charting a course that is profitable, fulfilling, and meaningful is another. We must take stock of the past as we refocus our efforts on the next prize – a healthy and safe environment, an improved travel experience, revitalized destinations, streamlined processes, faster response times, and a fair and diverse workplace.

Striving for perfection is folly but improving on the past makes us stronger. There is no better time to make good choices, before fully ramping up, as we consider who to hire, how to organize, and where to invest.

As a tour operator, You may be asking yourself where the greatest opportunity for improvement and success lies. Should you focus on the technique (processes, strategy, and tactics) you utilize in targeting, capturing, and converting shoppers into loyal guests? Or should you spend more time looking at the technology you use to support your technique? 

With a reduced staff and everyone wearing several more hats than they wore 18 months ago, these are valid and important questions. And while both areas are vital to the future success of your business; And the good news is that travel is back on its road to recovery and we are anticipating an extraordinary boost in inquiries and bookings before the end of 2021.

What to focus on now
  • Clear and updated online visibility; As I talked about in my previous (many articles), clients are desperately searching for where they can finally take a vacation after almost 18 months of lockdowns and travel restrictions and yes, their number one reference is the internet. The more updated, clearer and responsive you are online, the bigger the chances to recover fast.
  • Reach out to your previous clients and remind them of your new (post covid) packages; most likely after a year of no travel, everyone is likely to have forgotten the beautiful experiences they were used to, refresh their minds and propose extra and personalised experiences to returning clients. This does not only remind them, but also makes them feel valued and will most likely book a trip again with you.
  • Ensure a more rapid and user-friendly communications strategy; The moment a client sends you an inquiry, he or she has probably sent it to tens of others, and the faster you are to respond and engage them, the more chances you stand to win their attention and grab the booking. 
  • Make right use of the internet; If you can be able to interpret your websites traffic data and a great track of your previous clients base, You are more likely to attract more clients in the same geographical location that a new one; you may use targeted social media Ads or simply promote your website in this specific location and keep track of its daily performance to avoid unnecessary spending that might not be yielding results. 
  • A good picture says a thousand words; Talking from a tour operator’s shoes, I can guarantee you that using good quality photos of your experiences (not downloaded from the internet) is one of the most effective ways of telling your story to the world! And Yes, an organic photo will easily be captured by the search engines and shared without too much hustle. 

Make no doubt about it. As demand returns, the competition for those bookings will be a battleground, everyone has had a forced time out and they have undoubtedly used this time to refocus and come back stronger. So, the time is now to draw your plan and set it out there 

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