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Many of us think we do not need Coaching or Mentoring

Many of us think we do not need coaching or mentoring, there is nothing to “fix”

Each one of us has dealt with the current pandemic differently, some impacted more than others. Through it all, there has been a dichotomy of pain and beauty.

One of the beautiful opportunities we have all had is one of introspection – an opportunity to look in the mirror and see how we are showing up. Everything in life is a choice, and when we own that, it’s incredibly empowering.

Travel has been one of the hardest-hit industries this past year. And, just as people are resilient, so is the travel industry. Uncertainty is everywhere and each of us is 100% responsible for what we say, think, do, and feel. It’s up to each of us to take our professional destiny into our own hands. Partnering with a coach and/or mentor to metaphorically “get in the boat” with us is something you might consider.

Help can be the next phase of career development

When someone can pave a clearer path ahead of us and for us, we will reach our desired outcome quicker.  A coach is someone who offers the essential support, help, and guidance you need in your career and life. Sometimes you may not even realize what you need to reach your goals and desired outcome. A mentor is an experienced and trusted professional who informally helps guide a less experienced person in their professional endeavors.

A coach and mentor serve different purposes depending on your needs, your style, how you handle feedback and guidance, and what you are genuinely trying to accomplish. In my experienced opinion, we must stay curious and grow, and this starts with ourselves. Yet, nothing has to be done alone. Think of a coach and/or mentor as a personal trainer for your mental and emotional wellbeing. It may not always be comfortable, but it will always be worth the effort. If you have both a coach and a mentor, you are already ahead of most.

The benefits of coaching are vast. When you work with a coach, you are stepping up and realizing you want to be better, stronger, and unstoppable. Coaches are different from mentors, and even therapists, because they are truly objective.

Coaches are not co-workers in the sense of working for the same company. They are a safe place for you to be your authentic, raw, non-PC self and often they will “tough love” you into taking action to ensure you get out of your way to reach the ideal; whatever your ideal is.

When you receive coaching, you need to decide if you can and will be coachable.  Coaches tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  Like a coach of a sports team, a development coach is focused on the game of work and life and helps you strategize for how to win at both, which as we know, are constantly commingled, especially in a remote world.  The actual win is up to you.

The benefit of having a mentor is that you can glean impactful knowledge from someone who has gone before you.  You can learn faster from the hard-fought experiences they’ve gathered and from their resulting successes and lessons learned.

A mentor can zero in on where you want to get to in a specific role, guide you from where they have thrived, and hand you a roadmap on how to get there. Essentially, what to do and what not to do. Mentors are role models who inspire and encourage you to mirror their path while creating your own from your unique place of strength. 

A sad reality is that many people don’t think they need coaching or mentoring, there is nothing to “fix” or they don’t have time. Prioritizing yourself, your growth, your desire to seek out how to remove blind spots, and being open to reframing the “internal operating system” that has been guiding you thus far is what it takes to become a high performer.

Coaches and mentors focus on you and why your well-being must be at the core of all that you do, personally and professionally. They will help you gain the clarity you need to find your way towards success.

Travel is bouncing back. Strong leaders who are bold, better, smarter, and understand the need to invest in themselves by finding a coach and/or a mentor is what this industry needs. Step up and be a part of the rebirth of an industry that we all love. You will never regret the time invested in yourself with the support of a coach or mentor.

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