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Preparing the Travel & Tourism Industry for future crises and pandemics

The world is increasingly intricate and interconnected, requiring us to be crisis-ready. The question today is not if but rather when the next crisis will take place. Interestingly, the biggest risk is often not the crisis itself, but rather the preparation, management, and response.

While the travel and tourism sector has proven its resilience time and time again, destinations and the private sector alike can learn from the experiences of others to minimize the possible impact of crises. It is essential that the public and private sectors come together so as to enhance their preparedness to mitigate the impact of a crisis, better manage to effectively address a crisis, and enhance their responsiveness through strong policies to ensure a speedy recovery.

Considering the sector’s vested interest in mitigating the impact of shocks and ensuring a swift recovery when a crisis does happen, different stakeholders globally sooner than later get together to provide the Travel & Tourism sector with an understanding of the emerging, ongoing and escalating risks ahead, and to equip the public and private sectors with tools, protocols, and solutions to support them in preparing for and responding to crises.

As the world scrambles to recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19 for the sector, there is an urgent need to come together to recover the hundreds of millions of jobs lost, and livelihoods impacted and continue supporting the millions benefiting from the sector by rebuilding together in an even more sustainable and responsible way.

While the sector was on hold, world citizens have been re-invigorated to tackle social and environmental sustainability, providing a unique opportunity to build on this newfound momentum to accelerate meaningful changes in Travel & Tourism that will make a lasting difference for future generations and for the planet.

It is evident that previous and ongoing pandemics have had significant negative consequences for the Travel & Tourism sector. This calls for strengthened collaboration by the stakeholders to find the best ways to minimize the impact of a pandemic both in terms of risk containment and to counter the negative effects on the Travel & Tourism sector.

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