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Safety and sustainable travel at the forefront of tourism Recovery as travelers gain the confidence to venture out into the world of flying again

COVID-19 cases continue to subside, and travelers are slowly emerging out of hiding as they gain the confidence to venture out into the world of flying again

Safety and sanitation methods aren’t going anywhere though, and that’s a good thing. Here’s to hoping boarding a freshly disinfected plane is the new norm. I’m sure travelers will relax on a few of their COVID-implemented practices, but many are here to stay.

Although it’s great to see everyone putting cleanliness as a top priority, the travel industry has backtracked in the eco-friendly department. 

The strides that were being made have all but vanished. One by one, companies were doing away with single-use items, and that changed quite drastically over the last year. 

From disinfectant wipes and travel-sized sanitizer bottles to masks and plastic bags that airplane snacks now come in, single-use items are once again part of a standard routine.

There are several ways we can help the situation though. It just takes a little effort from each traveler. It’s always important to take care of your health when traveling, as you’re more susceptible to various ailments, but there are plenty of environmentally friendly ways to do so. 

When you’re packing the carry-on for your next trip, keep these safe and sustainable travel essentials in mind.

Unfortunately, masks are still mandatory in airports and while flying, but you don’t need to pack single-use masks that will end up in a landfill. A few cotton washable pieces would be ideal for you.

Again, it’s great that airlines are disinfecting between flights, but many wonder if the quick clean gets all the nooks and crannies, which then leads passengers to do their own wipe down upon boarding.

Instead of using a single-use wipe to finish the job, consider investing in a reusable disinfectant wipe or a mist that covers your area. If everyone on the plane even uses just one wipe, think about how many that actually adds up to.

Another way to ensure you aren’t having to touch those germs by your seat is by flying with a seat cover. The seat cover conveniently folds and zips up so it doesn’t take up too much space in a carry-on.

There is even a nifty pouch attached for your phone and passport so you don’t have to reach your hand into that questionable seatback pocket. 

Water will always be on my list of carry-on items, Most travel companies have adapted the use of perfect hybrid water bottles. If you’re not up for packing your everyday water bottle but want to avoid the plastic single-use alternative.

These lightweight aluminum bottles are reusable but also recyclable which works out great if you need to ditch it along the way.

If you’re feeling up for another beverage during the flight, bringing a small collapsible cup along for the ride means you can forgo the plastic cup it would normally come in.

These might seem like small adjustments, but it adds up big time when everyone joins in, and every little bit helps the environment.

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