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The new normal in the travel industry seems to be entirely heading to building customer confidence online and dependant on technology

The New Normal in the Travel Industry

The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) annual research shows that the Travel & Tourism sector not only accounts for over 10% of global GDP but for one in ten jobs on the planet, and one in four new jobs created globally in the last five years. COVID-19 has dramatically altered life as we know it and the Travel & Tourism sector is uniquely exposed. As we consider the impact of the crises, we realize it could fundamentally alter the future of the Travel Agency business.

The Covid19 experience has left travelers anxious about traveling again and are looking to professional travel advisors for information on what is safe, what is open, which hotels have implemented enhanced hygiene measures, and they want an advocate there for them if something happens before, during or after their trip.

At the same time, travelers are willing to adopt new processes and some consumers are naturally fearful about traveling again as there is still so much uncertainty about COVID-19 and the differences in procedures across countries

The new normal in the travel industry seems to entirely heading to building customer confidence online and it is becoming increasingly important in travellers’ decision-making. With information gathering primarily taking place through online channels, businesses should not only make sure their own promotion and messaging is present, but also expand access to information through innovative formats and ensure clarity around cancellation policies

One would of course anticipate an overwhelming dependency on technology as we all noticed that amidst the recently ended stay-at-home orders, digital adoption and consumption were and still on the rise, with consumers now expecting contactless technologies, among others, as a basic prerequisite for a safe and seamless travel experience.

While the road ahead may appear uncertain; we anticipate that the challenges along the way, can and will be converted into opportunities by the Travel & Tourism sector and Success will be defined by the ability to stay connected with clients

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