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Timely Sharing of Information is Critical for the Recovery of Tourism

The closure of borders with little or no notice during the COVID-19 crisis left millions of tourists stranded abroad for periods which in some instances surpassed a month. This situation, combined with the confusion surrounding the attribution of responsibilities to assist tourists in situations of force majeure, left international tourists in a situation of neglect, aggravated by their vulnerability. International tourists, away from their homes, and out of their ‘comfort zones’, were faced with dealing with the pandemic and the confinement with little knowledge of the language, culture, or laws of the country that they were stranded in.

As growing numbers of countries around the world ease restrictions on travel, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a new Tourism Recovery Tracker to support global tourism. This represents the latest concrete action undertaken by the United Nations specialized agency as it leads the response of global tourism and guides recovery. The most comprehensive tourism dashboard to date, the Tracker covers key tourism performance indicators by month, regions, and subregions allowing for a real-time comparison of the sector recovery across the world and industries.

Timely sharing of information is critical for the recovery of the travel and tourism industry as travellers continue to prioritize safety and wellness prior to deciding where to travel next and the information provided about the destination

The UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker compiles all the relevant data in one place, giving governments and private businesses the ability to track the recovery of tourism at the global and regional levels, alongside information on the top destinations for international tourism. The Tracker includes data on international tourist arrivals, seat capacity in international and domestic air routes, air travel bookings, hotel searches and bookings, occupancy rates, and demand for short-term rentals. The UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker is available for free. Click here to view the tracker

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