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Travel Brands Need Social Media Strategies Now than Ever Before

Travel and tourism businesses are no exception when it comes to the way social media influences and shapes our lives. Every one of us has seen something on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter that attracted their attention and they end up clicking or even booking the same experience

Believe it or not, social media is the most easily accessible source of information in this day and age. Millions of people globally get their news from social media, which – aside from calling to question the legitimacy and reliability of information sharing – demonstrates just how influential the various platforms have become.

As much as we all still struggle to prove the legitimacy of what we see on social media, it actually becomes dangerous when it sets up false expectations. big and small travel brands have previously relied on social media as a key element of marketing and Yes, the results were impressive; 

Merging social media and tourism marketing will lead to excellent results for your brand. In this short article, I will try to put together the key importance of social media to travel businesses and can equally apply to any other sector

  • Customer engagement; Use of social media has and still the most interactive mode of customer engagement; considering the nature of the industry we deal in, a rapid and interactive engagement with your leads and potential clients is a big win
  • Search engines optimization; The information we post on our social media handles are quickly gathered by search engines and if well tagged with key words, this will raise your visibility organically and bring you the top searches 
  • Keeping up with changing customer behavior; The growing use of social media has influenced how travelers make decisions on which tour operator to choose and how they engage with each of them, and customer-facing employees are bearing the brunt of this burden. In functions like sales, account management, and customer support, credibility is the key factor that brings in new customers and promotes ongoing customer loyalty.
  • Travelers want to see what people think of you; It has almost become a new normal that travelers will run to search for former clients’ feedback about you before deciding to book with you or not. With various review platforms in use, travelers are having a hard time believing the authenticity of some of the reviews written and prefer life comments and random feedback by former clients or business partners
  • Social media helps you analyze your market; Most if not all of these social media platforms gives you an opportunity to get to know who is actually reading and engaging with your content and this is so important as it will be a big determining factor when you are choosing your target market and adverts audience

The list can be long and endless, However, I want to just remind travel business owners that for your customers to trust you, You must have a communicating and understanding relationship with them. This is where social media becomes an essential tool since it has increased social rapid engagements and customers will easily and quickly get to clear off their doubts.

Travel brands need social media strategies now than ever before as the industry attempts to recover and travelers are looking for where to spend their next holiday after eighteen months of staying home

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