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What are travelers searching for on internet search engines as the travel industry gradually recovers for the strongest shock in its history

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real-life stress test on the entire travel industry, and the ups and downs of infection rates and lockdown measures have made unpredictability the only thing that is certain across the globe.

As vaccinations roll out in good numbers around the world, Google has published figures revealing how desperate consumers are to travel again.

The good news is that everyone is looking for any possible opportunity to travel despite continued ups and downs in the covid19 variant.

When it comes to travel searches, how has consumer behavior changed as vaccine distribution rolls out and people start to consider getting away?

In its recent report, Google says search demand for travel in May was up 270% compared to May 2020 and that the figure is likely to rise.

Unsurprisingly searches for the term flights spiked towards the end of May and as restrictions ease globally, searches for places to stay in different regions and countries were up more than 75% year-on-year.

Google points to research revealing changing needs and concerns from consumers.

For example, the report says that travel companies are seeing an increase in advance bookings for later in the year.

In addition, searches for the term “beach holiday” have been steadily rising in 2020 but “city breaks” are not yet recovering compared to 2019 levels. 

Activities also seem to be on consumers’ minds, with the term “rentals near” seeing global growth of 100% year-on-year.

Top searches in this category include kayak rentals near me, bike rentals near me and boat rentals near me.

As travelers across the world figure out where to go safely and within restrictions, Google says searches for terms such as “where to travel to” have risen alongside views of travel-related content on YouTube and other platforms.

Google’s tips to help marketers in these turbulent times include monitoring trends to discern what is pandemic-related and what will remain and implementing different strategies for different audiences.

With many consumer surveys showing that desire and future intent to travel remain high, coupled with suppliers now offering broad cancellation and rebooking options, travel companies across the world are beginning to believe that recovery is rather sooner than anticipated

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