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Your Outgoing Clients are as Important as Incoming Ones

As a tour operator, you have an endless supply of opportunities for additional learning. Webinars, virtual and in-person supplier training, fam trips, and more are all at your fingertips, but you might be overlooking one spot where you can gain even more knowledge – your clientele.

Your clients most definitely learn a lot from you during the consultation and planning process, and the reason they come to you is because you are the expert. However, there are also things they can teach you along the way.

One of the most important parts of your business is the post-vacation follow-up. Sure, most agents are happy to consult with clients in the early stages, plan out what they need and, of course, get the reservation booked. But oftentimes the process tends to end there.

Not following up after your clients’ vacations will only hurt your business. There is so much that can come from one phone call or email.

To start, your client will feel important and appreciate the fact that you care about how their trip went even after having their business already. On top of making them feel cared for, though, you can actually learn a lot from these post-travel interactions.

Your customers gain firsthand experience whenever they take a trip, just like you. A new protocol, especially now, might come up at the airport or in the destination they are visiting that is new since you’ve been there, and it might not be something they thought to share unless you inquire. Learning this type of insight will allow you to better prepare your other clients headed to the same area.

Maybe they decided to book a unique excursion during their stay and reported back that it was a must-do for anyone visiting that place. You can first make a note in their profile to suggest similar excursions on their future trips, and you can also store this away as something to suggest for future clients going to the same resort or destination.

Inquiring with a few conversational questions will easily allow you to learn the likes and dislikes of your clients. After a few trips, you’ll be able to seamlessly book a dream vacation for them with all the information you’ve compiled.

It’s not uncommon for travelers to already be creating their next vacation plans while still on vacation or shortly after arriving back home, but you might not always be on their mind at this time. So in addition to gaining new insight, a quick follow-up can help ensure you’re still in the mix for booking those future vacations. It’s a small task that can reap huge benefits.

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